Figure Sourcing

The Spotting Round Guide to 15 mm WW2 Figure Sourcing

These pages compile the 15 mm figure offerings of every manufacturer that I could find.  Included are Battlefront, Command Decision (and Skytrex), Essex, Forged in Battle, Quality Castings (Battle Honors), Quick Reaction Force (QRF), Peter Pig, Plastic Soldier Company, Point of Contact, and Zvezda, and possibly more since I wrote this.  As I find new sources of figures I will add them.

This is a HUGE undertaking so material is published as it is compiled.  If you check back twice a week for the next six months there will always be something new.  More notes below, or else select your nation of choice from the table.

15 mm WW2 Figures Nationalities

Flag, Belgian

Belgium – 15 mm WW2 Figures

Flag, Finnish Finland
flag, French

France – 15 mm WW2 Figures

Flag, WWII German


Flag, Hungarian

Hungary – 15 mm WW2 Figures

Flag, Italian Italy
Flag, Japanese


Flag, Dutch

Netherlands (Dutch) – 15 mm WW2 Figures

Flag, Polish Poland
Flag, Romanian Romania
Flag, Soviet Soviet (Russian)
Flag, UK

British – 15 mm WW2 Figures

(Commonwealth armies that are sufficiently unique will get their own entry)

Flag, USA United States (American)
Brass Other Assorted 15 mm WW2 Figures


Additional Notes to the 15 mm WW2 Figure Sourcing Guide

Each nation has its own page, and each figure type has its own row.  If you are searching for German Riflemen, navigate to the German page and look up the Riflemen row.  Where appropriate the figure types is broken down into sub groups, such as “early-war” or “with greatcoats”, or for the various marks of vehicles such as “Panzer IV D” and “Panzer IV F2”.

Universal items, such as jerry cans, conversion heads, etc. are lumped together on their own page, but that will be the last thing posted.  Some figures can serve in the armies of multiple nations.  In such a case a link will be provided to the other nation’s page.  For instance, AT gun crew wearing Adrian helmets may be officially listed as Polish figures, but could serve in the French army as well.  So the French page will have a link to the Polish page.

Finally, compiling these lists is an incredible amount of work as every offering is individually verified to be correct.  Therefore it will take a while to get to all of these nationalities and figures.  The French and British are first, as those are the figures I need for my French Foreign Legion early war Flames of War project.  Minor nations will follow as those are the hardest figures to source.  It will be a while for the Soviets I am afraid due to the breadth and depth of the offerings.  Pacific theater figures will be last.  As a rough estimate, it will be six months before everything is up.

If you know of any sources I have missed, especially if you are a manufacturer, please contact me.  15 mm WW2 sourcing can be difficult at times, so I hope this list is of good service.  Figures that are sold by a sponsor of mine will link directly to the product page, while otherwise a topical link to the manufacturer is provided.