15 mm Figure Sourcing – France – Tanks and SP Guns

15 mm WW2 Figures – French Tanks, SP Guns, and Other Heavy Fighting Vehicles

Battlefront Blood Axe Camelot Essex Eureka Forged in Batle Legions East Minifigs Old Glory
(Command Decision & Skytrex)
Outpost Peter Pig Plastic Soldier Company Quality Castings
(Battle Honors?)
Quick Reaction Force (QRF) Resistant Roosters RPG Manufacturing Stronghold Miniatures (SDD) True North Wargames Factory Zvezda
AMC Renault 1935 ACG-1 Light Tank CD-606
AMR 33 Light Tank FFV01
AMR 35 Light Tank
Char 2C FFV09
Char B1-bis FR070 F-03 CD-516 08-0021 7005 FFV05 15F8
Char D2 BXE-15 FFV10
FCM 36 BXE-14 CD-608 FFV08 15F2
FT 17 (unclear turret arrangement) AV7
FT 17, octagonal turret w/MG FR001 F-01 08-0251 FFV04a
FT 17, octagonal turret w/gun FR001 08-0250 FFV04b
FT 17, round turret w/MG FR001 08-253 FFV03a
FT 17, round turret w/gun FR001 F-02 08-252 FFV03b
Hotchkiss H35 FR020 CD-603 7002 FFV11
Hotchkiss H39, short 37 FR020 CD-600
Hotchkiss H39, long 37 FR020 CD-600A 08-0033 7003 FFV07
Renault R35 FR030 CD-601 08-0024 7020 FFV12
Renault R40 CD-602 7021 FFV13
S35 Souma FR050 F-04 CD-517 08-0032 7000 FFV06 15F9
Tank Crew and/or Commanders CDFC-01 08-0047


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