15 mm WW2 Figure Sourcing – France – Armored Cars, Halftracks, and Portees

French Armored Cars, Fighting Halftracks and Portees

Battlefront Blood Axe Camelot Essex Eureka Forged in Batle Legions East Minifigs Old Glory
(Command Decision & Skytrex)
Outpost Peter Pig Plastic Soldier Company Quality Castings
(Battle Honors?)
Quick Reaction Force(QRF) Resistant Roosters RPG Manufacturing Stronghold Miniatures
True North Wargames Factory Zvezda
AMC Schneider P16 (aka Kegresse- or Autochenelle M29) FR310 CD-610 7019
AMD Laffly 80 AM Armored Car CD-607
Autocanon de 75 mm FR170
Laffly S15 TOE Scout Car FR320
Laffly S20 TL Dragoon Portee 7026
Laffly S20 TL SA-34 Portee FR160
Laffly W15 TCC 47 mm Portee FR151 7022 FAT01
Panhard 178/AMD-35 Armored Car FR300 BXE-F13 F-18  CD-605 08-0025 7004 FAC01
Panhard 178 B Armored Car (Late) CD-605A


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