15 mm WW2 Figure Sourcing – France – Cavalry

15 mm WW2 Figures – French Cavalry

French Cavalry

Battlefront Blood Axe Camelot Essex Eureka Forged in Batle Legions East Minifigs Old Glory
(Command Decision & Skytrex)
Outpost Peter Pig Plastic Soldier Company Quality Castings
(Battle Honors?)
Quick Reaction Force (QRF) Resistant Roosters RPG Manufacturing Stronghold Miniatures (SDD) True North Wargames Factory Zvezda
Cavalry,Command BXE-F12
Cavalry, Rifles


Clearly this list leaves much to be desired, but it is all that I was able to find.  If you know of another source of 15 mm WW2 French cavalry, or even WW1 figures that will do, please contact me so that I can update this rather sparse list.

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