15 mm WW2 Figure Sourcing – German

Germany is of course the major antagonist in WW2 Europe, and they were prolific in the variety of weaponry they fielded throughout the war.  From the earliest and pretty useless Panzer I to the King Tiger, in between were a ton of variants of vehicles including captured tanks and continually upgraded equipment.  Hopefully the pages below will help you find the equipment that you are looking for.  If they don’t, well I’m not sure what  else I can do.

Note that I’ve reorganized the categories since the last list by vehicle type.  Now I have fully tracked, half-tracked and wheeled all in their separate pages regardless of how the vehicle was employed.  That saves me the trouble of figuring out if a portee belongs with AFVs or unarmed transport of the same chassis.  It is wheeled, so it is in the wheeled section, simple enough.

15 mm WW2 Figure Sourcing – Germany


15 mm WW2 German Infantry

Symbols, Infantry

15 mm WW2 German Anti-tank, Anti-aircraft, Artillery and Rockets

Symbols, Artillery and Guns

15 mm WW2 German Fully Tracked Vehicles

15 mm WW2 German Half-tracked Vehicles

15 mm WW2 German Wheeled Vehicles

 15 mm WW2 German Cavalry and Animal Transport

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