When you need just one or two special WW2 15 mm figures for whatever reason it is often best to look to the smaller manufacturers.  However, the Battlefront German LMG special order pack is a good source for a couple of additional LMG teams.

The Battlefront German LMG Special Order Pack

German LMGs Battlefront Special Order

German LMGs Battlefront Special Order

In my last review of the Battlefront panzerknacker special order pack I shared my huge disappointment at the poor offering that it is.  This special order pack is exactly the opposite, and a good addition to my 15 mm figure reserve.  The Battlefront panzerknacker special order pack was a disappointment due to Battlefront’s not bothering to sculpt figures that actually were wielding panzerknackers.  There are two grenade-throwers and one mine carrying figure.  Sure they technically qualifies as panzerknacker figures, but the product is just weak.  The Battlefront LMG special order pack is just the opposite.

To begin with, there are four figures in this pack instead of the three in the panzerknacker pack, which only makes sense as each gunner needs an assistant gunner and clearly that leads to an even number of figures.  The pack is $2.50 as well, leading to a per figure cost of $0.625, which is well within the realm of reason.

The Battlefront German LMG Gunners

German LMG Gunners Battlefront Special Order

German LMG Gunners Battlefront Special Order Gunners

The two gunners in this pack are in what I see as non-traditional poses.  Normally we see the gunners prone and firing, shooting over the assistant gunner’s shoulder, or walking with the gun over a shoulder.  I cannot recall seeing these two poses before and I like that (I expect that these two are included in some infantry platoon pack, but I’ve not seen them before).

One of the gunners has his MG42 resting on his knee as if he is observing something ahead of him, or perhaps he is firing (inaccurately) from the hip.  The figure’s front leg looks a bit odd to me perhaps being too large, overall it is a nicely detailed figure.

The second LMG gunner is carrying the gun from a sling and appears to be on a road march or other non-dangerous redeployment.  This figure is sculpted with reasonable detail as well, and this is the only instance that I’ve seen this pose in a 15 mm figure.

The Battlefront German LMG Assistant Gunners

German LMG Assistant Gunners Battlefront Special Order

German LMG Assistant Gunners Battlefront Special Order

Assistant gunners actually have the shortest life expectancy of any member of a squad once the shooting starts – my theory being that the enemy is trying to kill the gunner but can’t shoot straight and they take out the guy next to him by mistake.  These two gunners may not be expected to live long, but at least they are nice sculpts.

In order to differentiate them from standard riflemen, both figures are equipped with an ammo can.  Although difficult to see in the photo the figure to the right has an ammo can on his left shoulder, and the figure on the left is carrying one in the crook of his left arm.  So two nice purpose-specific sculpts with the proper equipment.  Well done.

Concluding Thoughts on the Battlefront German LMG Special Order Pack

I like this pack just as much as I was disappointed with the panzerknacker pack.  Battlefront got this one right.  The poses are original and with the possible exception of the bent leg on the one gunner, pretty darn nicely done.

At $2.50 for four figures, the pack is reasonably priced for a small figure packs.  I’ve previously reviewed the Essex German LMGs and the Quick Reaction Force German LMGs, but the Battlefront figures are my favorite of the three (the Peter Pig offering will be reviewed at a later date).

Without hesitation I recommend the Battlefront German LMG special order pack if you need a couple of extra light machinegunners.

As always, I encourage you to support your local game store.  If you choose to order online, please consider ordering the German LMG special order from Noble Knight Games in the US or from Wayland Games in the UK, which ships Battlefront orders worldwide for free.  Doing so helps defray the cost of running this site.

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