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The fall Flames of War league at Texas Toy Soldier will begin in late August and end in early November. New players are still signing up so if you are interested contact Allen at Texas Toy Soldier.

Current Standings

Please note: by default I do not post last name or contact info.  If you would like to see your name in print, or have a handle that you would like to use please let me know (there is a “contact me” option on the menu bar at the top right of the page.)

Match results can be found here.


Allied Players

Player Nationality and Type Source Experience Record Preferred Size Rating (beta)
Henry B. Soviet Strelkovy Rifle Battalion Red Bear, p. 24 Beginner 2-3 750-1750 1454
Cory W. US Rifle Company FOW V3 Forces Beginner 6-5 1250-1750 1460
Rod F. Grenadier Guards Armor Squadron Grenadier Guards PDF, p.4 Beginner 1-6 1435
Chris V. British Rifle Company Turning Tide, p. 24 Experienced 1-3 1484
Cole B. Soviet Gvardeyskiy Tankovy Battalion Red Bear, p. 66 Experienced 0-4 750-1750 1469
Allen E. Soviet Tankovy Battalion FOW V3 Forces, p. 78 Experienced 6-6 750-1750 1498
Mark T. British Armoured Company FOW V3 Forces, p.58 Experienced 0-1 1487
Ken E. US 7th Armored Division Tank Company Blood, Guts and Glory, p. 22 Experienced 0-1 750-1250 1491
Bob H. Soviet Tankovy Battalion Red Bear, p. 20 Experienced 0-0 1500
Jason L. US 2nd Infantry Division Devil’s Charge Veteran 5-1 750-1750 1563
Neil J. Soviet Forward Detachment Peredovoye Otryad Red Bear, p. 76 Veteran 1-0 1558
Greg Ho. 101st Ariborne Parachute Rifle Company Hells Highway, p. 42 Veteran 3-6 1510


Axis Players

Player Nationality and Type Source Experience Record Preferred Size Rating (beta)
Ronald D. German Sturmkompanie Stalin’s Onslaught, p.50 Beginner 0-0 1450
Ben W. German Schwere Panzerkompanie Earth and Steel, p. 90 Beginner 2-3 1461
Chase D. German 5. Gebirgsjager Division 5. Gebirgsjagerkompanie PDF Beginner 0-0 1450
Nick V. German Grenadierkompanie Grey Wolf, p. 26 Experienced 2-0 1504
Jack G. German Stugbatterie Grey Wolf, p. 58 Experienced 4-7 750-1750 1507
Hill B. German Panzergrenadier Lehr Kompanie Earth and Steel, p. 101 Experienced 0-0 1500
Scott H. German Panzer Lehr Earth and Steel, p. 102 Experienced 6-0 1536
Andy H. German 150. Panzerbrigade Kampfgruppe Devil’s Charge Experienced 4-3 750-1750 1512
Russ E. German Panzer Company Fortress Europe, p. 20 Experienced 0-1 750-1750 1487
Greg Ha. Hitler Youth SS Cobra Veteran 0-0 1550
Mark R. German Falschirmjagers Hell’s Highway, p. 64 Veteran 0-0 1550
Larry L. Finnish Jaakarikomppani Grey Wolf Veteran 0-1 750-1250 1538
Jackie H. German Panzergrenadier Company Fortress Europe Veteran 5-0 750-1750 1583


The Rating (beta) has nothing to do with the league.  To understand what the player rating is, read this postTo understand how the rating is calculated, read this post.  In short, it is a number that should help players find equally matched opponents.  Underlined numbers have been updated in the last update (October 10, 2012).


League Rules


  • The league will span 10 weeks, will begin on August 18th and end on October 28th, with the league finals on Saturday, November 3rd.  Players may join the league at any time.
  • Participants must play a minimum of 5 games to be eligible for the finals.
  • League will be Late War, any legal list from any book or official pdfs.
  • Games may be played at 750, 1000, 1250, 1500, or 1750 points (however, this is NOT an escalation league, see more details below)
  • Participants may play one or two armies, if playing two armies, one will be Axis and one will be Allied.
  • Armies may include Warriors, may not include Mid-War Monsters.
  • Playoffs will be played with 1500 point armies.
  • There is NO COST to enter this league.
  • More details on the November 3rd Playoffs will come later.

Detailed Rules

This league is designed to allow players of all skill levels to compete, and to allow new players to participate with smaller point size armies. For each game played, the two participants will mutually agree to the army point values to be used in the game. A game may be played at 750, 1000, 1250, 1500 or 1750 points.

To be eligible to play in the playoffs, a player must satisfy the following three requirements:

  1. The player must play a minimum of 5 games.
  2. The player must play at least one of the 5 games at a point value of 1000 points or more.
  3. The player must play at least one of the 5 games at a point value of 1250 points or more.

Note: Being “Eligible” to play in the playoffs does not automatically get you into the playoffs, playoff participants will be eligible players with the best win-loss record.

Games will not be scheduled by the league organizers, each player will be responsible for scheduling their own games. Players will be provided with contact information for all of the other players in the league which they can use to contact prospective opponents. Also, Texas Toy Soldier will be holding at least two dedicated “league days” per month (normally Saturdays). Games may be played on these “league days” or any other day.  Finally, an opponent finder topic in the forum has been created to assist in setting up matches.

All participants will be rated as a beginner, experienced, or veteran player. This designation has no effect whatsoever on who can play, or how games are played, it is simply a method to allow players to have an idea of the experience level of prospective opponents (for example, a beginner may prefer to initially play other beginners, and can simply look at the list of players to see which other players are beginners).

Participants may play as many or as few games as they wish, however, they may not play the same opponent more than once. A participant may join the league and play fewer than 5 games, however, he or she will not be eligible to play in the playoffs.

The final league standings will be calculated by determining which “eligible playoff” players have won the highest percentage of their games. If, at the end of the season, “Frank” has played 6 games and his win-loss record is 4-2; and “Bill” has played seven games and his win-loss record is 5-2, then Bill will be above Frank in the standings because he has won a higher percentage of his games.
Examples of how this league will function:

Example 1
“Frank” is a beginner and has so far only accumulated enough models to field a 750 point army. He will need to schedule opponents who are willing to play him in 750 point games. These opponents may be beginners, experienced, or veterans, it makes no difference, so long as they are willing to play 750 point games. If, as the season progresses, Frank decides that he wants to compete for a chance to reach the playoffs, he will need to increase his army size to 1000 points and play at least one game at that level, and then increase his army size to 1250 points and play at least one game at that level (and also play a minimum of 5 games).

Example 2
“Bill” is a veteran player. He has several large FOW armies and prefers to play larger games. Since he has both Allied and Axis armies, he elects to play a German Panzer Company and an American Infantry Company. Bill schedules and plays three games with his German army and two games with his American army, with the games all at 1500 or 1750 points. Bill has fulfilled the requirements to compete for a chance in the league championships. He may, of course, play more than 5 games if he wishes to.


Participants are more than welcome to join the league and play with only one army. Optionally, a player may pick another army as a “Secondary Army”. This secondary army must be from the “other side” (one Axis army, one Allied army) and may only be played in “half or less” of the league games played.

The purpose of allowing this optional secondary army is to help balance the games on our scheduled “FOW Days”, for instance if 6 folks show up to play and 4 of them have German armies, hopefully one of them will be able to switch to their secondary army so that three “Axis vs. Allied” games can be played.

Each league participant will be classified as either an “Allied” player or an “Axis” player, this is determined at the beginning of the season and will be based on the player’s primary army. The league playoffs will pit the top Axis players against the top Allied players, with all playoff games played with a participants primary army.



  • Painting – ALL MODELS MUST HAVE A BASIC PAINT JOB – No bare metal or bare plastic, no white or black (only) primed models. All models must have at least a basic base color (green, grey, brown,etc.).
  • All games must be played at Texas Toy Soldier.
  • Each participant may only play the same opponent once. Note that this is “opponent” and not “army”.  Even if “Bill” has both a German and American army, then “Frank” may only play him once.
  • Armies MAY contain Warrior teams.
  • Armies many NOT contain Mid-War Monsters.
  • Participants may field one or two armies, if a player fields two armies, one must be Allied and the second must be Axis.
  • For each army used in the league, the player must provide the name of the book that the army is from, the name of the company, and the page number in the book where the army is found. This may NOT be changed during the season. Players may also use any official Flames of War pdf lists, this list must be specified before the season begins.
  • Playoff Armies – Playoff armies will be 1500 points. Playoff games will be played with a player’s primary army.
  • Game Length – Players should make an effort to finish games in 3 hours or less. If a game is to be allowed to extend beyond 3 hours, both player’s should agree beforehand and agree on when the game will end.
  • Army Lists – Players may bring multiple army lists to the game, however, they must choose which list they are going to play before they see what list their opponent will play.
  • Missions – Participants will have a variety of missions to choose from. More information on any rules and/or restrictions on missions available to play will be available before the league start date.
  • 750 point games require only one core platoon to be fielded.
  • Results of battles need to be reported to Allen with the following information:
    • Winner/Loser
    • Victory points scored by each player
    • Points per army
    • Mission type played (Fair Fight, Mobile Battle, Defensive Battle)
    • If playing your secondary army, please specify

These league rules are copyright 2012 Texas Toy Soldier.


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