2015 Fall Texas Toy Soldier Flames of War League

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The league rules can be found at the bottom of this page.

The first section is devoted to current standings.  Historically the source book of the army list would be listed, but in this campaign the enemy’s list is not public knowledge.  The table will be updated at the end of the campaign when the information becomes available.

The second section covers the six games of this league.  Each game is randomly selected from one of three scenario options at the time that the players meet.

The third section contains the rules of the league.  If Allen issues clarifications attempts will be made to keep this page up to date.

Good hunting!


2015 Fall Texas Toy Soldier Flames of War League - Axis Players

Bob M.1521
Jack G.1120
Larry L.1120
Scott H.1120
Hill B.1120
Kyle J.1020
Clay D.920
Jody S.811
Jonathan L.711
Aaron R.502
Nick V. (Me!)402
Joshua S.402
Andy H.201
Accurate as ofOctober 7, 2015

2015 Fall Texas Toy Soldier Flames of War League - Allied Players

Mike McD.1221
William W.711
Lawrence H.711
Cory W.611
Jacob L.511
Chris V.511
Kevin S.503
Jim C.402
Paul W.402
Tony B.402
Greg H.302
Scott W.202
Sergio P.000
Accurate as ofOctober 7, 2015

2015 Fall Texas Toy Soldier Flames of War League - Mission 1

 Mission PlayedAllied PlayerCauldronAxis PlayerResult
1Jacob L.vs.Bob M.
2Sergio P.vs.Andy H.
3Scott W.vs.Jack G.
4Jim C.vs.Jody S.
5Cory W.vs.Kyle J.
6William W.vs.Nick V.
7Chris V.vs.Aaron R.
8Paul W.vs.Clay D.
9Lawrence H.vs.Larry L.
10Tony B.vs.Scott H.
11Mike McD.vs.Jonathan L.
Mission Options:Free for AllNo RetreatHasty Attack

2015 Fall Texas Toy Soldier Flames of War League - Mission 2

 Mission PlayedAllied PlayerCauldronAxis PlayerResult
1Jacob L.vs.Jonathan L.
2Sergio P.vs.Scott H.
3Scott W.vs.Larry L.
4Jim C.vs.Clay D.
5Cory W.vs.Aaron R.
6William W.vs.Bob M.
7Chris V.vs.Nick V.
8Paul W.vs.Kyle J.
9Lawrence H.vs.Jody S.
10Tony B.vs.Jack G.
11Mike McD.vs.Andy H.
Mission Options:EncounterSurroundedCounterattack

2015 Fall Texas Toy Soldier Flames of War League - Mission 3

 Mission PlayedAllied PlayerCauldronAxis PlayerResult
1Jim C.vs.Andy H.
2Cory W.vs.Clay D.
3Greg H.vs.Nick V.
4Jacob L.vs.Joshua S.
5Paul W.vs.Aaron R.
6Chris V.vs.Jody S.
7Sergio P.vs.Jack G.
8Mike McD.vs.Kyle J.
9Lawrence H.vs.Jonathan L.
10Scott W.vs.Bob M.
11William W.vs.Hill B.
12Tony B.vs.Larry L.
13Kevin S.vs.Scott H.
Mission Options:Dust UpCauldronFighting Withdrawl

2015 Fall Texas Toy Soldier Flames of War League - Mission 4

 Mission PlayedAllied PlayerCauldronAxis PlayerResult
1Jim C.vs.Aaron R.
2Greg H.vs.Larry L.
3Mike McD.vs.Kyle J.
4Tony B.vs.Bob M.
5Jacob L.vs.Hill B.
6Chris V.vs.Scott H.
7Sergio P.vs.Joshua S.
8Cory W.vs.Jonathan L.
9William W.vs.Clay D.
10Lawrence H.vs.Nick V.
11Kevin S.vs.Jack G.
12Scott W.vs.Jody S.
13Paul W.vs.Andy H.
Mission Options:BreakthroughPincerHold the Line
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Welcome to the Fall 2015 Texas Toy Soldier Flames of War League

The theme of this league is “be prepared for anything!”

You would be advised to construct your army list with the idea that you will not know what list your opponent is playing, nor will you know the mission in advance.  Keep in mind that you may end up playing a mission with reserves or delayed reserves.

I want to minimize the ability of players to build specific lists to fit specific opponents and missions, which leads to these league rules:

I will not be publishing the lists being used by players.

If you are playing Allied, the only thing you should know is that your opponent is Axis (until the game begins of course).  It is inevitable that folks will, over time, have an idea of what others are playing, but please make an effort to not inform other players as to which lists your previous opponents have played.

Mission Selection:

All missions will be random, each game will have a list of three missions, you and your opponent will need to randomly choose one of these missions AFTER you have given your opponent a copy of your army list and AFTER the terrain is set.

Please try to have a neutral party set up (or modify) the game table.

Please have your army list prepared before you arrive, or at least before you see what your opponent is playing.

Please use these steps to prepare for the game:

  1. Give your opponent a copy of your army list.
  2. Arrange for the terrain to be set up by a neutral 3rd party or alternate setting terrain pieces with your opponent until no more than 8 pieces of terrain are on table.  Please limit terrain selections to small buildings, woods, hills, hedges, roads and fields.  Do NOT use rivers or large “Stalingrad” style buildings, or any type of impassable terrain.
  3. Randomly choose a mission from among the three I have preselected.
  4. Once the game is complete, report the winner and the score to me via email.

Remember that in Version 3 there are no draws, see page 275 of the rulebook for clarification.

[The two monthly] games may be played any time during the month in any order.  Please contact your opponent and schedule your game.  The games must be played at TTS.  We will still be doing our “3rd Saturday” FOW day on the 19th [of September], this may be a convenient time for folks to schedule one or both of their games, but you may schedule a game any time that TTS is open.  If you want a table reserved, please let me know in advance.



Texas Toy Soldier – Fall 2015
Flames of War League


  • Time Period – Late War
  • Army Size – 1600 Points
  • Games – Six games over three months (2 games per month)
  • Playoff and Championship – Top four players advance to a two-round playoff to determine the League Champion
  • Cost to Enter League – FREE
  • Prizes – Top four finishers will receive a $20 Gift Card; the League Champion will receive a $30 Gift Card (instead of the $20 Gift Card)

Army Composition: Before the league begins, each player must choose a company type to be used for all Late War games. Example:

  • Soviet
  • Red Bear book
  • Infantry
  • Strelkovy Batalon (Red Army)

Lists may be from any current late war book or official pdf.

All games must be played with the company type chosen. The composition of the list may change from game to game, but must all be from the same list.

Period:  Late war

Army Size: 1600 points

Scheduling Problems: If you are unable to arrange a game with a scheduled opponent, please contact Allen at sales@texastoysoldier.com I will see what I can do to resolve the problem, a last resort will be to allow a player to arrange a game with a “substitute” opponent.

Army Lists: Each player must provide his opponent with a copy of his army list before the game starts. Army lists must be made from the same company list throughout the season. You may change your list for every game but they must all be written from the same list.

Number of Games: Six regular season games, plus playoff games and a Championship game. Games must be played at Texas Toy Soldier.

Time Frame: Two games per month for three months, the fourth month being reserved for playoffs and championship game.

Match Ups: Each player will have a schedule of two games per month. Priority will be given to “Blue on Red” games. Missions will be predetermined each month per the schedule.

Victory Points: Victory points must be kept and will determine tiebreakers at the end of the season.

Schedule of Missions and Games:

September – Game 1 and 2 as per the Season Schedule
October – Game 3 and 4 as per the Season Schedule
November – Game 5 and 6 as per the Season Schedule
December – Playoffs and Championship game.

Making the playoffs: The players with the most wins (top 2 Allied and top 2 Axis) will make the playoffs. In the case of ties, combined victory points divided by the
number of games played for the season will act as the first tiebreaker.

Game Results: All games must be fought to a conclusion and you must keep track of your Victory points.

Miniatures and Models: All models must be painted with at least a base color (no white/black primed only models). Miniatures do not have to be from Battlefront but please insure they are the appropriate scale (15mm or 1/100th scale). Proxies should be kept to a minimum. Be reasonable with what you proxy and if you must use a proxy model inform your opponent before the game begins. An example of a reasonable proxy would be a Panzer III J model that you want to use as a Panzer III L. An unreasonable proxy would be using a Sherman as a Grant or a Churchill as a Tiger.

Turn Limits: Unless the mission being played says differently all missions have a maximum of fifteen turns. If neither side has achieved the victory conditions in that time then the game is a draw and you must use the Firefight rule to determine victory points.

Time Limits: Please allocate 3 hours to play each game. Please discuss in advance with your opponent whether or not you are willing to play for more than 3 hours, if so please set a specific time that the game will be called over. At the end of 3 hours (or other time agreed to), players will complete the current game turn and the game will be over.

Getting Started:

Step 1: Decide on the Country and Company type you wish to play.
Step 2: Submit your Company type and Company name and e-mail address to sales@texastoysoldier.com. Please note that your e-mail address will be given to your opponents.
Step 3: You will receive your first two opponents and specific Missions to be played.
Step 4: Contact your two opponents to set up a time to play your games. Note: the games can be played in any order but you must have them both played by the end of the month.
Step 5: Play your two games and send the results (including victory points) to sales@texastoysoldier.com.