Winter 2014 Texas Toy Soldier Flames of War League

The league rules can be found towards the bottom of the page, while the individual battle matchups are below the overall summary table.

Winter 2014 Texas Toy Soldier Flames of War League - Allied Players

Larry L.Canadian Rifle CompanyMarket Garden1642641
Chris V.British Ind. Sqd. - Sherwood RangersOverlord1282241
Mike McD. (Mac)British Tank SquadronOverlord1241942
Mark T.British Guards Armoured SquadronMarket Garden1021732
Jack G.US Armored Rifle CompanyBlood, Guts & Glory261833
Jim C.US Armor CompanyBlood, Guts & Glory1833
Rodney F.British Guards Armoured SquadronMarket Garden1021323
Accurate as ofMarch 23, 2014

Winter 2014 Texas Toy Soldier Flames of War League - Axis Players

Bob M.German PanzerKompanieGrey Wolf722960
Scott H.German GrenadiekompanieAtlantik Wall1412340
Allen E.German GrenadierkompanieGrey Wolf261723
Nick V. (Me!)German Schwere PanzerjagerkompanieBridge by Bridge341723
Greg H.German Panzergrenadier KampfgruppeDesperate Measures721514
Lawrence H.German Schwere PanzerkompanieAtlantik Wall921515
Andy H.German Kampfgruppe SpindlerBridge by Bridge1101215
Jody S.German GrenadierkompanieAtlantik Wall1401105
Accurate as ofMarch 23. 2014

Winter 2014 Texas Toy Soldier Flames of War League - Mission 1

  Free for AllResult
1Allen E.vs.Leslie W.
2Penny P.vs.Greg H.
3Larry L.vs.Rich H.
4Rodney F.vs.Scott H.
5Chris V.vs.Nick V.Chris V. 5-2
6Jim C.vs.Bob M.
7Jack G.vs.Lawrence H.
8Mike McD. (Mac)vs.Andy H.Mac 4-3
9Mark T.vs.Jody S.

Winter 2014 Texas Toy Soldier Flames of War League Mission 2

  No RetreatResult
1Mark T.vs.Leslie W.
2Mike McD.vs.Greg H.
3Jack G.vs.Rich H.
4Jim C.vs.Scott H.
5Allen E.vs.Nick V.Allen 4-3
6Rod F.vs.Bob M.
7Larry L.vs.Lawrence H.
8Penny P.vs.Andy H.
9Chris V.vs.Jody S.

Winter 2014 Texas Toy Soldier Flames of War League Mission 3

1Larry L.vs.Scott H.
2Penny P.vs.Bob M.
3Allen E.vs.Greg H.
4Chris V.vs.Lawrence H.
5Mark T.vs.Nick V.
6Mike McD.vs.Jody S.
7Jack G.vs.Andy H.
8Jim C.vs.Rich H.
9Rodney F.vs.Leslie W.

Winter 2014 Texas Toy Soldier Flames of War League Mission 4

  Hasty AttackResult
1Larry L.vs.Jody S.
2Penny P.vs.Scott H.
3Allen E.vs.Bob M.
4Chris V.vs.Rich H.
5Mark T.vs.Greg H.
6Mike McD.vs.Lawrence H.
7Jack G.vs.Leslie W.
8Jim C.vs.Andy H.
9Rodney F.vs.Nick V.

Winter 2014 Texas Toy Soldier Flames of War League Mission 5

  Hold the LineResult
2Penny P.vs.Jody S.
1Larry L.vs.Allen E.
9Rodney F.vs.Greg H.
4Chris V.vs.Andy H.
8Jim C.vs.Nick V.
6Mike McD.vs.Scott H.
5Mark T.vs.Bob M.
7Jack G.vs.Lawrence H.

2014 Texas Toy Soldier Flames of War League Mission 6

2Penny P.vs.Allen E.
1Larry L.vs.Andy H.
9Rodney F.vs.Jody S.
4Chris V.vs.Scott H.
8Jim C.vs.Lawrence H.
6Mike McD.vs.Bob M.
7Jack G.vs.Greg H.
5Mark T.vs.Nick V.

Texas Toy Soldier Winter 2014 Flames of War League Highlights:

  • Time Period – Late War
  • Army Size – 1500 Points
  • Games – Six games over three months (2 games per month)
  • Playoff and Championship – Top four players advance to a two-round playoff to determine the League Champion
  • Cost to Enter League – FREE
  • Prizes – Each player who plays all six scheduled games will receive a $10 gift card. Top four finishers will receive a $20 Gift Card.  League Champion will receive a $30 Gift Card.
  • Time Period – Late War (but see below for optional non-late war games)
  • Army Lists – Each player must provide his opponent with a copy of his army lists before the game starts. Army lists must be made from the same company list throughout the season. You may change your list for every game but they must all be written from the same company type.
  • Army Composition – Before the league begins, each player must choose a company type to be used for all Late War games.  Lists may be from any current late war book or official pdf.  All late war games must be played with the company type chosen. The composition of the list may change from game to game, but must all be from the same company type.  If a player plays a non-late war game, he/she must use the same company type list for any subsequent non-late war game from same time frame.  Example:
    • Soviet
      • Red Bear book
        • Infantry
          • Strelkovy Batalon (Red Army)
  • Optional “non-late war” games – Players may, by mutual agreement of both players, substitute an Early or Mid War game for a Late War game. If you would like to play an Early or Mid War game, contact your opponent and ask if he/she would be interested. If your opponent does not agree, you MUST play a Late War game instead. Please do not try to pressure an opponent on this; both players need to be “on board” to play a substitute game. All playoff games will be Late War.
  • Scheduling Problems – If you are unable to arrange a game with a scheduled opponent, please contact Allen at I will see what I can do to resolve the problem, a last resort will be to allow a player to arrange a game with a “substitute” opponent.
  • Number of Games – Six regular season games, plus playoff games and a Championship game. Games must be played at Texas Toy Soldier.
  • Time Frame – Two games per month for three months, the fourth month being reserved for playoffs and championship game.
  • Match Ups – Each player will have a schedule of two games per month. Priority will be given to “Blue on Red” games. Missions will be predetermined each month per the schedule.
  • Making the playoffs – The four players with the most wins will be selected to the playoffs. In the case of ties, combined victory points divided by the number of games played for the season will act as the first tiebreaker.
  • Game Results – All games must be fought to a conclusion and you must keep track of your Victory points.
  • Miniatures and Models – All models must be painted with at least a base color (not including primer, no white/black primed only models). Miniatures do not have to be from Battlefront but please insure they are the appropriate scale (15mm or 1/100th scale).  Proxies should be kept to a minimum. Be reasonable with what you proxy and if you must use a proxy model inform your opponent before the game begins. An example of a reasonable proxy would be a Panzer III J model that you want to use as a Panzer III L.  An unreasonable proxy would be using a Sherman as a Grant or a Churchill as a Tiger.
  • Turn Limits – Unless the mission being played says differently all missions have amaximum of fifteen turns. If neither side has achieved the victory conditions in that time then the game is a draw and you must use the Firefight rule to determine victory points.
  • Victory Points – Victory points must be kept and will determine tiebreakers at the end of the season.

Schedule of Missions and Games:

January 2014 – Game 1 and 2 as per the Season Schedule

February 2014 – Game 3 and 4 as per the Season Schedule

March 2014 – Game 5 and 6 as per the Season Schedule

April 2014 – Playoffs and Championship game.

Getting Started:

Step 1 – Decide on the Country and Company type you wish to play.

Step 2 – Submit your Company type and Company name and e-mail address to  Please note that your e-mail address will be given to your opponents.

Step 3 – You will receive your first two opponents and specific Missions to be played.

Step 4 – Contact your two opponents to set up a time to play your games. Note: the games can be played in any order but you must have them both played by the end of the month.

Step 5 – Play your two games and send the results (including victory points) to


<A Note from Nick>

I support the gaming activities at Texas Toy Soldier through this site because it helps insure a healthy gaming community in my area, not from any personal economic interest.  It is the FLGS I play at and since I can do this one simple thing to support my preferred gaming location I’m happy to do it.  -N