Video Covering Panzer I, II and 38 (t) (mostly)

As students of World War II know well, the early war German tanks were neither strong nor powerful. Indeed it is the way that they were employed that completely outmatched their opponents. While light tanks were obsolete even before the war began, the early-war Panzer I and Panzer II were good enough to get the job done when coupled with cutting edge tactics.

Video on German StuG III, StuG IV Assault Guns

Often when people think of the Wehrmacht’s image they think of legions of panzers storming forward, laying waste to all that oppose them. While this may fit Hollywood’s version of reality, it doesn’t do justice to the type of armored vehicle whose production was actually 40% greater than that of the iconic Panzer IV. The StuGs.


Video on How to Paint Bolt Action Soviet Infantry

In updating Spotting Round we’re revisiting what has been the most popular section of the site, the painting guides. Spotting Round recently stumbled over the video below, which shows how to paint Soviet WW2 infantry in 28 mm. The models in the video are specifically for Bolt-Action but clearly the information can be applied to any figures.

German War Files 01 – Guns of the Werhmacht on Spotting Round’s YouTube Channel

The German War files is an old documentary created from footage shot during World War II. It often goes into great depth on the episode’s topic, spending time on specific weapon systems: why they were needed, how they were developed, when they were deployed, etc.

World of Warships Adding Russian Destroyers, German Cruisers

Spotting Round likes World of Warships. Certainly not as strategic as a tabletop wargame, but a different kind of fun. Just like we like when somebody releases a new model for our tabletop wargaming, we love seeing new ships to have a go at. Here comes the Kreigsmarine and Ruskies! (Something new for me to ride down to Davy Jones’ locker…)

Zvezda BA-10 Review and Assembly (6149)

Zvezda is the hands-down leader in affordability in 1:100 models. Their models sometimes lack for detail, but are generally easy to assemble and a good value for the money. The 1:100 Zvezda BA-10 model is easily the match of other 15 mm wargaming models Spotting Round has reviewed.

Quick Reaction Force BA-10M Review (SAC06)

Quick Reaction Force has been producing 15 mm WW2 miniatures in the UK for quite some time now and boasts a good selection. QRF actually offers both a BA-10 and a BA-10M, which are indeed more different than Spotting Round had previously been able to discover. How does the BA-10M stack up? It looms large over the competition.

World of Warships Launched Today

World War 2 was fought just as hard on the seas as on land. In fact, the action on the oceans often dictated the outcome on land. World of Warships covers the close action of sea battles, and it quite fun to play.