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by | Oct 10, 2012

This page hasn’t been updated in a while, and Spotting Round has a ton more reviews than what’s listed below.  In order to find them, click “Review” in the menu bar at the top of the page.  The resulting page isn’t exactly how we’d like it, but you’ll be able to see all the reviews Spotting Round has done to date.  Alternatively, look in the tag cloud on blog pages for your interest, or use the search magnifying glass and search.  Sorry it’s not better, we’re working on it.  Slowly.  😉

The product reviews have grown to number many more than I had originally expected, so the page has been reorganized.  You can browse the reviews by unit type or manufacturer.  Special reviews, such as those of all the Sd Kfz 251s that I did, have their own link as well.

Reviews by type of 15 mm figure

Infantry Reviews Support Weapons & Fixed Emplacements Vehicles
Hobby Products

Reviews by manufacturer, 15 mm figures

Battlefront Noch Quick Reaction Force
Command Decision Peter Pig Reaper
Essex Plastic Soldier Company Woodland Scenics
Forged in Battle Point of Contact Zvezda