Texas Toy Soldier 2015 Fall Flames of War League Update

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There have been a lot a great FOW league games played so far, I hope that everyone is enjoying the league!

Below are the current standings, please be sure to check and be sure that I have your info correct. I believe that these standings include all games played thru today, which means that a few players have played one of their Oct. games and thus have 3 games played vs. 2 for most players.

If you have not played all of your Sept. games, please go ahead and do so, I do not mind if folks get a bit behind so long as they don’t wait until the last minute to play all their games.

2015 Fall Texas Toy Soldier Flames of War League - Axis Players

Bob M.1521
Jack G.1120
Larry L.1120
Scott H.1120
Hill B.1120
Kyle J.1020
Clay D.920
Jody S.811
Jonathan L.711
Aaron R.502
Nick V. (Me!)402
Joshua S.402
Andy H.201
Accurate as ofOctober 7, 2015

2015 Fall Texas Toy Soldier Flames of War League - Allied Players

Mike McD.1221
William W.711
Lawrence H.711
Cory W.611
Jacob L.511
Chris V.511
Kevin S.503
Jim C.402
Paul W.402
Tony B.402
Greg H.302
Scott W.202
Sergio P.000
Accurate as ofOctober 7, 2015
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