Painting Guides

Painting guides are a great help to anybody trying to create an army that they are not familiar with.  Spotting Round was going to create one of our own, but there are so many good ones out there that instead we will just aggregate them here.

Our format has changed!

If you are a returning visitor, don't panic!  All the painting guides are still available, they have just been separated into individual nation pages in order to put things into a cleaner format.  Simply select the nation whose army you are interested in painting and you will be taken directly to that list of painting guides.

The Spotting Round Guide to Painting Guides

Many people have already published excellent painting guides online, and frankly most of them are better painters than I am.  Although this site is dedicated to 15 mm WWII wargaming, some of the guides are for 28 mm figures.  As the colors do not change, and overall the figures should look similar, all the guides are quite useful.

I make no representation as to the accuracy or indeed the utility of any of these guides, and note that clicking the links below will open a new window with the outside source.  Please contact me if any of the links are dead or bring up the wrong information.