French Painting Guides

The below links are a collection of painting guides available elsewhere on the internet.  Due to the extensive nature of the guides that are out there Spotting Round is now splitting them into groups.  Hopefully this will make it easier for you to find what you are looking for.

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WWII French Painting Guides and Color Guides

A quick note on French armor.  French camouflage patterns were applied at the factory and varied from factory to factory.  It was not uncommon to have vehicles with different camouflage patterns within the same unit.  It all depended on where the vehicle came from.  So to be as authentic as possible, paint up a few different patterns in your vehicles.

WWII French Color Guides

Michael Farnworth:

Free French in North Africa colour guide

Free French Goumiers colour guide

WWII French Painting Guides

Battlefront French painting guide for early war forces (Northern Europe)

Battlefront French armor painting guide for early war