If you have read my previous posts on the making and use of wet palettes, you no doubt know about the question as to whether to use wax paper or parchment paper in making one.  After a few weeks of experiments the verdict is in.  Definitely parchment paper.

Background on the Wet Palette

In the original post where I wrote about making a wet palette I initially indicated that one should use wax paper as the palette surface upon which to put your paint.  Within minutes of posting the article, I read an article that vehemently stated that wax paper was the wrong material to use, and that parchment paper was the correct material for the palette surface.  I conducted some experiments with wax and parchment paper in the addendum to making a wet palette post, but the results were inconclusive.

Since then I”ve used both surfaces for an extended period of time, and parchment paper is by far the superior choice.

Why Parchment Paper Turns Out to be Better

Initially I was very happy with my wax paper wet palette, but over time the bloom came off the rose.  While my paint remained liquid between uses, it became very thick and required thinning to use.  Now I do paint in an un-airconditioned garage, and it is summer, and I live in Texas, so the temperature of my wet palette reaches 90 degrees F daily.  It is possible that in a more reasonable climate the wax paper may work sufficiently well, but not under these conditions.

After switching to parchment paper I found that my paint did not suffer from increased viscosity, even when left for several days.  The paint simply remains workable NetEntin pelit ovat netin kasinopelien parhaimmistoa ja varsinkin sen valmistamat peliautomaatit ovat erinomaisia. until I use it all up (and considering that I”m going back and painting the breadbags on my hundred or so grenadiers, it is taking a while).  I left for the lake house for four days over the fourth of July weekend and came back to perfectly usable paint.  Now that”s cool.

The Only Problem I”ve Found with Parchment Paper in a Wet Palette

If anything, I”ve had to adjust how much I cut the paint to enhance the flow of it because of the wet palette.  I used to load my brush with water, mix it with a drop of paint until I was happy with the consistency, then apply it to the figure.  Now I have to be very careful about overdiluting the paint as it doesn”t dry out fast enough to make up for a too-thin mix to be usable in the same sitting.  Indeed this can also lead to the paint separating over time as it just doesn”t dry up.  A small price to pay for a great addition to your painting toolkit.

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