Video Covering Panzer I, II and 38 (t) (mostly)

by | Oct 16, 2015 | Video

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As students of World War II know well, the early war German tanks were neither strong nor powerful.  Indeed it is the way that they were employed that completely outmatched their opponents.  While light tanks were obsolete even before the war began, the early-war Panzer I and Panzer II were good enough to get the job done when coupled with cutting edge tactics.

The video spends the first third going into the development of the panzer arm of the wehrmacht.  It discusses the state of the art at the end of World War I and Germany’s interwar development of vehicles and tactics.  It explains how the Panzer I was initially intended as a training tank, and the Panzer II was developed as a stopgap while issues with the medium tanks were worked out.

This video is less a technical discussion of the light panzers than an explanation of the implementation of Germany’s panzer strategy and tactics and the battles in which they were implemented.  It spends a fair amount of time on the captured Czech tanks, especially the Panzer 38(t).  The video goes all the way up through the Panzer II Lynx in 1944 although clearly the combat footage diminishes precipitously after 1942.

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