Video on German StuG III, StuG IV Assault Guns

by | Oct 9, 2015 | Video

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Often when people think of the Wehrmacht’s image they think of legions of panzers storming forward, laying waste to all that oppose them.  While this may fit Hollywood’s version of reality, it doesn’t do justice to the type of armored vehicle whose production was actually 40% greater than that of the iconic Panzer IV.  The StuGs.

With only 24 StuG III As participating in the invasion of France, over 9,400 StuG IIIs, 1,200 StuH 42s, and 1,100 StuG IVs would be produced by the time the Nazis were finally defeated in 1945.  The third installment of the excellent German War Files documentary series is entirely devoted to StuG assault guns.  It covers the early marks, StuG III A-E, the StuG F and F/8 versions with the long 75 mm cannon and the final version, the StuG III G.  There is some extremely rare footage of the StuG IVs in action as well.  Disappointingly there is no real mention of the StuH 42 with the 105 mm gun, although there is some footage you can spot with a quick eye.

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