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Video on the Panzer III

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Video Covering Panzer I, II and 38 (t) (mostly)

As students of World War II know well, the early war German tanks were neither strong nor powerful. Indeed it is the way that they were employed that completely outmatched their opponents. While light tanks were obsolete even before the war began, the early-war Panzer I and Panzer II were good enough to get the job done when coupled with cutting edge tactics.

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Video on German StuG III, StuG IV Assault Guns

Often when people think of the Wehrmacht’s image they think of legions of panzers storming forward, laying waste to all that oppose them. While this may fit Hollywood’s version of reality, it doesn’t do justice to the type of armored vehicle whose production was actually 40% greater than that of the iconic Panzer IV. The StuGs.

Texas Toy Soldier 2015 Fall Flames of War League Update

There have been a lot a great FOW league games played so far, I hope that everyone is enjoying the league!

Battlefront T-35 (SBX23) Assembly Guide

The Battlefront 1:100 scale T-35 model has a lot of parts whose positioning is not always obvious. Luckily Spotting Round is here to serve up an assembly guide!

Battlefront Pioneer Platoon (Late) Review (GE727)

Quite often when purchasing wargaming miniatures the reaction is “meh”, or even disappointment. When Spotting Round obtained Battlefront’s Pioneer Platoon (Late) our reaction was not “meh”. We didn’t get what we thought we would, but we were not disappointed with what we got.

Flames of War Lessons From the Front FAQ

Flames of War is a complex game, and complex games have a habit of raising rules questions. The publisher of Flames of War, Battlefront, is well aware of this and has released a FAQ to cover the most common questions.

Video on German Self Propelled Guns

The realities that the German army found on the battlefield in World War II caused them to create a large array of armored fighting vehicles to supplement or complement their tanks. At first using obsolete tank chassis as their basis, and employing captured guns as well, the improvised vehicles eventually gave way to purpose built vehicles that were extremely well adapted to their intended use.

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