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Battlefront Plastic Panzergrenadier Review

Battlefront is a relative newcomer to the plastics side of the 15 mm wargaming hobby, but their entries are worth considering. Crafted with their usual eye for detail, these are nice figures to add to one’s collection.

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Small Video on British Matilda II Tanks

I found this video out at (where else?) YouTube. It has a section devoted specifically to the Matilda II that runs just over a minute long. Nice details and some great images of a legendary tank.

Fall 2015 Texas Toy Soldier Flames of War League

Reply to this email to sign up for the League, you can submit your army info later. Texas Toy Soldier Fall 2015 Flames of War League Highlights: * Time Period – Late War * Army Size – 1600 Points * Games – Six games over three months (2 games per...

Wargamer on Tour has Info on New Plastics

One of my regular blog stops is the blog Wargamer on Tour, a New Zealand based wargaming blog that spends good time on FOW.  Ten days ago they had a post concerning new Battlefront plastics that are coming out, along with some photos of the sprues (which I’ve...