Incoming! Bolt Action Coming to Spotting Round.

by | Apr 5, 2017 | News

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Spotting Round was initially conceived as a blog dedicated to 15 mm WWII wargming.  That turned out to be very limiting.  We expanded to include any WWII gaming, and started posting links to videos.  Then we went on sabbatical.  Now we’re back, and going bigger.  Literally.  Almost twice as big.  28 mm.

Bolt Action is coming to Spotting Round.

Spotting Round is a few years behind many of the gamers at our usual local FLGS, Texas Toy Soldier.  We have limited time for gaming and just didn’t have time to get into a new game.  Now that we’ve founded a new online game store, UGATS- The Ultimate Game and Toy Store, we’ve been trying to find what products to carry.  Ed Davis of Digital Dungeon, Colorado’s oldest specialty game store, had just decided to carry the line since the game is very popular among WWII gamers and suggested we get into it..  Thanks Ed!  Great suggestion.

The Agenda

Rangers lead the way! And don’t scratch the paint on my armored car.

We’re starting up, so we’re starting at zero.  We’re going to go setting up two forces: one German and one American.  We’re going to start with just a squad per side and scale up as we learn this game.

The Americans

We spoke with representatives from Warlord at the annual GAMA Trade Show, which is a trade show for game manufacturers and they are hooking us up with a box of 25 plastic U.S. Army Rangers, so we are definitely going to do those justice.  To supplement the Rangers we picked up a M8/M20 Greyhound scout car, and will be adding some .30 cal MG support down the road.  We didn’t want a monster tank at this point because we don’t want a unit that can dominate the board.

Ze Germans

You asked for tank support, we sent you tank support! Quit complaining!

We’ve got a box of German Grenadiers to put together several squads.  Our plan is to supplement the grenadiers with an MG 42 and a Panzer II.  What?  A Panzer II late in the war?  Yes.  Again we’re trying to avoid a dominant piece.  Sure, an Sd Kfz 251 haltrack would be a perfect pick.  We just want to do something different.


Concluding Thoughts

WWII wargaming was the first wargaming for which I started to collect models.  I’m excited to start playing Bolt Action as it is played a lot at TTS.  I’m playing a lot of other games these days too, but they’re not WWII related so they will not appear here.  If you are interested in what else I’m up to, check out the new Altar of the Dice Gods.

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